Thursday, 22 January 2009

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon on the Wii

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is the first release of the series titles for the Wii. These cheat codes need to be input using the Wii remote and not a Gamecube controller.
Go to the Krypt, choose the question mark, and then enter. Press the Z on the nunchuck four times and you’ll see the cheat code box in the corner. Things that have a + in front of them are done on the Wii remote Directional Pad and the things that do not have a + in front of them are pressed on the nunchuck analog stick. Good luck in using these Wii cheat codes.
Falling Cliffs Arena – Z, +right, +left, +down, +right, +up
General Reiko’s Map Room Arena – Z, +up, Z, UP, +down, +down
Krimson Forest Arena – +right, C, UP, +left, +right, DOWN
Nethership Interior Arena – Z, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, C, +left
Pyramid of Argus Arena – Z, C, +left, +down, Z, UP
Shinnok’s Spire Arena – LEFT, LEFT. +right, UP, +up, C
Blaze – +up, +left, LEFT, C, LEFT, +right
Daegon – C, C, +up, DOWN, DOWN, +left
Meat – UP, +left, +left, +right, +right, UP
Taven – C, LEFT, Z, UP, +right, DOWN
Armageddon Promo movie – UP, UP, DOWN, UP, C, +down
Cyrax Fatality Blooper movie – RIGHT, C, Z, DOWN, UP, C
Motor Gameplay movie –+up, UP, Z, C, Z, Z
Armory tune –+down, +left, LEFT, +up, +left, +down
Lin Kuei Palace tune – C, LEFT, +right, +down, Z, RIGHT
Pyramid of Argus tune – DOWN, LEFT, Z, C, UP, C
Tekunin Warship tune – UP, +right, C, Z, Z, +down
Drahmin Alt. Costume – C, RIGHT, +down, Z, UP, UP
Frost Alt. Costume – DOWN, Z, Z, C, +right, C
Nitara Alt. Costume – DOWN, C, UP, C, C, RIGHT
Shang Tsung Alt. Costume – C, LEFT, UP, +right, UP, C
Blaze Alt. Costume – C, +up, C, C, Z, +left
Early Taven Concept Art – UP, +down, Z, DOWN, C, +down
Firewall Arena Concept Art – UP, +left, C, Z, +right, C
Mileena’s Car Design Concept Art – Z, RIGHT, UP, Z, +up, UP
Pyramid Crack of Dawn Concept Art –+up, LEFT, LEFT, +down, DOWN, +right
Pyramid of Argus Concept Art –+down, C, Z, Z, UP, UP
Scorpion Throw Sketch Concept Art – C, LEFT, UP, +right, Z, C
Sektor’s 2 Handed Pulse Blade Concept Art – Z, C, LEFT, +down, UP, Z
Unused Trap in Konquest Mode Concept Art –+right, Z, +up, DOWN, +right, LEFT


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