Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wii Fit hints and tips

Ski Jump and higher and longer

Getting to 300 metres can be a difficult task but done the right it is quite easy.

You need to centre your balance on the blue dot for the ride down in order to maximize your speed. Then time your jump to begin as late as possible. If you jump immediately after entering the red zone jumps are much shorter, however if you wait too long, you will crash.

It does really matter if you are forward, backward or on the blue dot as long as you centre on the blue line. If you don;t bend your knees too much there is less fluctuation than when you straighten them out.

Boxing clever

To get 300 on the rhythm boxing game you should really follow the on-screen tip and box to the beat. A bit like Joeboxers. Box on the beat and you will double the points you get. At the end of the game when you freestyle, keep one foot on the board and go for small movements to make as many punches count as possible.

This increases the score a lot towards the end of the bout.

Put your best feet forward on the Slalom

When in the slalom game the best position to put your feet on the board is over the corners of the balance board. This is an ideal way for keeping the dot on the blue bar and help you go faster.

This also allows you to lean back on your heels to slow through the middle of the game. Small movements can help you traverse close-by gates.

Initially, going fast can mean missing everything. But practice makes perfect and you should be able to finish this in around 45 seconds.

Walk the tightrope

When walking the tightrope, don’t lift your feet. Alternate each foot by placing one on tiptoes while the other stays flat and rock from side to side. Keep you upper body still as possible while moving your feet. Keep balanced before you jump over the teeth.

Weigh yourself and other things besides.

When you stand on your Balance Board immediately after selecting Body Test, get hold of a heavy object. The Balance Board will sense that you are holding the object and will weigh it for you

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